Working with Diana

I will be a Witness to your life.
I will listen without judgement and ask questions until the path is illuminated.

You are more than you think you are

diana-coverdale-coach-personal_development_500x500I hold a powerful belief that self-transformation and development is always possible – no matter who you are.

And, that with self-awareness, mindfulness and creative attention, you can connect with your higher self, experience calm and reinvigorate your spirit.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to encouraging, validating and uplifting women as they explore living a life that reflects who they truly are.

As a result, I’m skilled at distilling complex personal development theories into easy-to-understand transformative insights.

working_with_diana_coverdale_personal_development_coach_mentor_extra_2Plus, I seek to communicate and connect with you in a meaningful way that nurtures your transformation and offers you clarity.

Most importantly, helping you shift from a busy chaotic existence to a mindful relaxed state of being, I strongly believe, will evolve our human consciousness as a whole.

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Helping you find your way

I’m a seeker, quester and wayfinder. I constantly wonder and ask ‘why?’ about our lives, meaning and purpose. My questions have led me to extraordinary experiences, deep personal healings and profound awakenings.

In fact, one insight I’ve realised is that it’s up to you to give meaning to your life – rather than expect your life to give meaning to you.

Easy said. Not so easy done… but I can help. working_with_diana_coverdale_personal_development_coach_mentor_extra3

As a passionate advocate for personal and professional development I’ll encourage and inspire you to find ways to bring who you are to what you do. To enrich every aspect of your life with the joy and beauty of your true nature.

I will hold a space for you to create a way and a journey that best allows your unfolding with grace, dignity, power and beauty.

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