Executive Coaching

Opening hearts & minds to possibility

Leadership is not about titles, position or flowcharts.
It’s about one life influencing another.
– John C Maxwell –

Seeking a more rewarding experience of your work and workplace?


Enhance every day of your life by developing and practising simple, yet profound skills and methods designed to enrich your professional life.

As a consultant I offer one-on-one executive coaching and mentoring. I also offer tailored corporate programs. Because an organisation’s greatest asset is its people. Therefore, it’s vital to nurture your asset with high quality, appropriate programs relevant to them, the positions they hold or aspire to, and to your organisation’s purpose.

As a professional coach I’m often presented with a broad range of needs, both from your organisation and your people. With three decades of experience, I work to explore these needs and find solutions that satisfy both parties.

corporate_diana_coverdale_personal_development_coach_mentor_extra2Through the professional executive coaching relationship, we work collaboratively towards your desired outcomes within a framework of respect and trust.

I will believe in you and encourage you. I’ll provide valuable and appropriate feedback. Most of all, I’ll coach you to see things from a different perspective so new and different possibilities and futures can be created.

My aim is always to enable your capacity and ability to develop:

I’ll help you make choices that empower and enrich your experience in your workplace. As a result, you’ll discover a broader and deeper experience of your life and all it has to offer.

I offer the following programs:
Leadership and Wellbeing, Emotional Intelligence & Resilience at Work.

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Praise from Executive Coaching clients

Executive Coaching with Diana has been an amazing experience that has benefited every aspect of my life.  I embarked on the process not expecting such radical positive change and insight, and I am in awe of how much more I now understand myself.  Diana’s coaching expertise has had a profound effect and she has enabled me to draw out the essence of who I am in a way that was non-invasive and totally supportive.
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More on Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a learning process designed to help you discover for yourself how to achieve your objectives. This is a highly effective and empowering process.

Executive coaching can focus on a specific topic or developing a range of skills.

Outcomes may include:

  • increased emotional and psychological agility
  • better communication skills
  • improved leadership and management skill
  • better management of energy and time
  • more effective delegation

Executive coaching programs are 6-12 sessions. Objectives are agreed in the first meeting and each subsequent session builds on the last to achieve your objectives, with practice between coaching sessions. Sessions are 1-1.5 hours duration.



Mentoring is a supportive and collaborative partnership. A mentor asks critical questions and shares experiences and perspectives to reflect on, to further your personal and professional development.

My approach utilises a diverse range of modalities and processes which enable you to tap into your own wisdom, humanity, and vitality.

Outcomes may be:

  • greater resilience leading to easier adaptability to change and transition
  • increased self-awareness
  • clarity of purpose and direction
  • more confidence and greater effectiveness
  • a more supportive mindset
  • new perspectives on challenges and successes

Mentoring partnerships are usually of 3 – 12 months duration.

They may begin with a Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey or an Emotional Intelligence Assessment (both optional) to gain a deeper understanding of your current reality and a longer initial consultation to build trust and clarify your desired outcomes.

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