Harvesting & Sowing

An end-of-year opportunity to reflect and sow for the coming year

As we come to the end of the year it’s a great opportunity to look back to harvest and gather up the experience of what the year has been about for you…

  • What was meaningful?
  • What needs to be let go?
  • What needs further attention?
  • What was challenging?
  • What learnings did you have?

We’ll do this using pictures, quotes, personal stories and ritual so you gain a sense of completion with your year passed.

We will then move on to sowing seeds for the coming year. 

  • What would you like to call forth for theharvesting_diana_coverdale_personal_development_coach_mentor_extra incoming year?
  • What are your dreams and aspirations?
  • What are your goals?
  • What do you want more of?
  • What do you want less of?

At the end of the day you’ll feel complete with the old year and ready for the new one.

Check back for dates soon.

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