Intuitive Drawing

A conversation with your Inner Visionary…

I look forward to seeing you at a Soulcraft Seminar soon ~ Diana

“My desire to express my inner visions and feelings led me to explore Intuitive Drawing, and I’ve been doing so since 1990. I’ve found the process healing, inspirational and challenging.”

Intuitive Drawing is a way to connect with your own creativity and joy and put on paper some marks that reflect your inner visions and experiences.

The group process and interaction on this day for Intuitive Drawing is always profound as it strengthens and expands the creative flow present in the room.

Your drawings will be the results of three guided visualisations. They will inform you – in unexpected and delightful ways – about yourself.

intuitive_drawing_diana_coverdale_personal_development_coach_mentor_extra2The day is an opportunity for an expression of creativity and colour from deep inner levels.

Absolutely no previous experience is required. All materials will be provided and you’re welcome to bring your own, if preferred.

‘Diana’s work has a delicacy and beauty that is joyful. She creates transparency with the colours that gives a rainbow effect and connect one totally with that source of light and hope’
Val Anderson | Visionary Artist –

Check back for dates soon.

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