Touching the heart and soul of being a woman

One is not born a woman, one becomes one
– Simone de Beauvoir –

It’s in the company of women that we can become whole and grow into true womanhood; understanding your mind, your power, your insight and your strength so you may enjoy the pleasure of being a woman.

WomanSpirit is an experience of the deep feminine that’s every woman’s true nature. An experience that grounds a woman in the deep power of feminine wisdom that informs the way you live your life, conduct your friendships, express your creativity and talents, and fulfil your dreams.

The deep feminine is:womenspirit_diana_coverdale_personal_development_coach_mentor_extra

  • Wise – not weak
  • Diffuse – not vague
  • Yielding – not soft
  • Patient – not passive
  • Fiercely compassionate – not fluffy

We’ll use creative expression, ritual, intuition, storytelling, myth and legend to help you:

  • Change ways of thinking, being and doing that no longer support you
  • Know who you are as a woman
  • Explore your relationships with other women
  • Reawaken the Divine Feminine in your mind, body, soul and spirit
  • Develop personal practices and perspectives that support and nurture the deep feminine in everyday life.

The balance of being and doing, activity and rest, participating and solitude is deeply refreshing.

Your facilitator, Diana, is knowledgeable, experienced and respectful of the different ways we each live our lives. WomanSpirit is intended to bring to light aspects of your psyche that will engender growth and learning.

Primarily, this seminar will reveal to you the incredible power of the feminine and the need for each of us, as women, to become who we are for ourselves, our families, our workplaces and the world.

Check back for dates soon.

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