I first met Diana Coverdale when I attended a course she facilitated, Women and Power, in 1996. Since then I have participated in several of her other programmes and also had the privilege of being a support person for Diana to present Sage Woman, a program for women to explore different aspects of themselves and how to develop those aspects of the feminine which are not fully embodied or expressed.

Diana has touched the lives of thousands of people guiding their transformation to enable us to live more fully, to be true to our gifts and talents and in the process to be fulfilled human beings.  She has the ability to draw out the stories we live by, to present information which opens minds and hearts to new ways of being and to support the process of change.

My own life has been totally transformed in the more than 20 years I have known Diana. The skills and understanding I learned from her programmes and also knowing her personally have enabled me to become the teacher I am, she has inspired me to reach for my goals and to create a life I am content with.  With Diana’s guidance I found the purpose for my life and the ways in which I express myself to achieve that purpose. I learned how to communicate in relationships and how to negotiate conflict without undermining myself. And so much more…

I will always be grateful for Diana’s guidance and support in my life, as an insightful teacher and now a valued friend. She is a treasure.  She is a gifted elder member of our society who has a depth of knowledge and understanding which should not be underestimated.

Debby Badger | Yoga and Vedic Chant Teacher