Diana consulted extensively on two of our major programs – the Governor’s Leadership Foundation and High Impact Women in Leadership – providing leadership development and coaching. Diana has both empathy and drive – which can be very inspiring. She has a gift for intuitively understanding people and empathically connecting with their feelings and motivations. She thrives on being in developmental spaces with people and exploring where they are and what might be next for them in a holistic way. She is sensitive and compassionate and deeply committed to her work in developing people, which is driven by her strong values and a visionary grasp of human relationships and possibilities. She is also creative and conceptual in this arena – as well as adaptable and versatile – with the ability to design clever and imaginative experiential group processes that elevate and inspire participants and help them develop self-awareness and insight. I have also really appreciated the symbolic and metaphorical work she has brought to our programs.  This is an area that is rarely explored in such programs and has added another valuable dimension. Diana is energised by collaboration with others and I have always found her a delight to work with. She is also a person of great integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend Diana for leadership development and executive coaching work and note that she continues to be engaged in these areas by graduates of our programs who hold her in very high regard.

Dr. Niki Vincent | Commissioner | Equal Opportunity South Australia